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No Lost Generation Tech Task Force PROJECTS

Learn more about tech-enabled, cross-sector projects that address the needs of conflict-affected children and youth.

December 2, 2017

In September 2017, No Lost Generation Tech Task Force brought together private and humanitarian sector stakeholders at the No Lost Generation Silicon Valley Symposium in San Francisco to collaborate on addressing four challenges that conflict-affected youth face.

Following the Symposium, No Lost Generation Tech Task Force formulated a set of cross-sector projects. We encourage you to review this post – it provides an overview of how the Task Force is working with private sector companies, humanitarian organizations, and conflict-affected youth to co-create solutions to the challenges we focused on at the Symposium – education, livelihoods, participation, and representation.

The four current projects include: remote mentoring helping displaced youth learn conversational English; training in in-demand skills; a learning companion chatbot, which makes discovery and access to learning resources easier; and Adobe Project 1324 Challenge, which proactively supports conflict-affected young people across the Middle East and globe to share their stories through creative self-expression.

Project collaborators include Microsoft, Salesforce, Adobe, Pluralsight, UNICEF, NRC, Mercy Corps, and conflict-affected youth. We’re using lean startup methodology and design thinking, and leveraging technology where appropriate.

Here's how you can join us

  • Share your resources – at this time, we are looking for educational and skills-training content for the chatbot 'library'. Content should align with the following categories: Language (English, French), Technology (e.g. programming, networking), Business (e.g. entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting), Design (e.g. graphic, UX, web), and Academic (e.g. business, computer science).
  • Join the Adobe Project 1324 Challenge: Defined Without Borders. See more below.
  • Let us know if you have ideas for new projects. The No Lost Generation Private Sector Guide provides an overview of the most-effective types of contributions.

Email Leila Toplic to share your resources and ideas.

About Adobe Project 1324 Challenge: Defined Without Borders

Defined Without Borders was designed by Mercy Corps, a co-lead of the No Lost Generation (NLG) initiative, in partnership with Adobe Project 1324 and with support from the No Lost Generation Tech Task Force.

Project 1324 is an Adobe initiative that supports, connects, and amplifies a global community of emerging artists and leading arts and culture organizations who are using creativity as a force for positive impact. The Challenge is a creative prompt that invites emerging creatives from the Project 1324 community (ages 13 to 24) to learn new skills, take part in collective action, and push the boundaries of their creativity.

The Defined Without Borders Challenge focuses on the issue of participation: Young people affected by conflict are faced with myriad obstacles and have limited access to participate in and contribute to their communities and connect with their peers in a positive way. The Challenge theme is about identity: Identity as a way for young people – particularly those affected by conflict – to express themselves and reflect on their many dimensions.

Get involved today:

  • Global and local NGOs are encouraged to invite the youth you work with to participate in the Challenge by submitting projects.
  • Everybody can appreciate and comment on young people’s projects, and share via social media. Help us spread the word and get more youth involved.
  • Global and local NGOs, private sector companies, and academic institutions are invited to join us in marking this year’s World Refugee Day (June 20, 2018) by displaying and sharing the projects from Defined Without Borders at your offices, campuses, and other locations. Please contact Leila Toplic if you are interested in participating.

For more information about this project, view to the recording of a recent webinar featuring presentations from the project leads from Adobe and Mercy Corps.

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