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Qualitative analysis tool NVivo demo webinar

Qualitative research is all about exploring issues, understanding phenomena and answering questions.

June 25, 2012

Qualitative research is all about exploring issues, understanding phenomena and answering questions. This type of research uses unstructured information – like surveys, transcripts, webpages, field notes, videos, and audio recordings, instead of numbers to arrive at conclusions. Qualitative research software lets you manage, shape and make sense of this information quickly and easily. QSR International invites you to attend a complimentary web-based demonstration of our qualitative research software, NVivo. Participants will be provided with an overview of how software can be used as a powerful tool in the process of analysing qualitative data. There will also be an opportunity for questions during the session. 

QSR International is the largest qualitative research software developer in the world. and Brian Moriarty, Business Development Manager at QSR International, will lead the webinar. As part of his role, Brian works with non-governmental organizations and not for profit agencies engaged in social, humanitarian, and health research in North America. He has over fifteen years’ experience in marketing and market research, including custom research development, market intelligence, research syndication, and marketing analytics.

The demonstration will cover:
• Collecting and importing data
• Organizing, classifying and coding your data
• Adding your interpretations and notes
• Querying and searching your data
• Visualizing with models, maps, and graphs
• Sharing your findings

Topic: I4Education Webinar - Qualitative Analysis Tool (NVivo)
Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
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