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Introducing the 3-5-5 Climate Strategy Framework - an intertwined system of strategic action on climate change.

October 18, 2022

Coordinated by Nicholas M. Kerastas

As climate change has escalated and inequitably impacted affected communities around the world, the humanitarian and social development sectors - represented by the 65 Members of NetHope - have risen to the severity and danger of the risks inherent to the climate crisis.  

Understanding that the international community must do more to advance the interests and well-being of climate-affected populations, NetHope has been empowered with funding from Cisco and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation to establish the strategic intent of the Membership as it relates to climate action. With this strategic roadmap, NetHope seeks to explore community priorities, establish novel opportunities for collective impact, and fund research and development into digital solutions which amplify assistance to those facing negative consequences from climate change. Accordingly, our whitepaper, coined "The NetHope 3-5-5 Climate Strategy Framework," represents the assumption of our responsibility to become more effective stewards of the planet on behalf of affected communities.  

The 3-5-5 Climate Strategy Framework

With three priority outcome areas or long-term goals, five primary program implementations, and five strategic enablers that indirectly contribute toward the advancement of climate interests, the 3-5-5 Climate Strategy Framework highlights an intertwined system of strategic action on climate change.  

  • Outcomes: Decarbonization as Society, Decarbonization as Communities & Organizations, and Sustainability & Harm Reduction. 
  • Programs: Climate Advocacy & Justice, Climate Adaptation, Climate Resilience, Climate Mitigation, and Green Economies. 
  • Enablers: Education, Financing & Grant Giving, Gender Equality & Youth, Localization & Partnerships, and Technology. 

Based upon this climate strategy framework, NetHope has identified the most effective pathway of climate action to be through sustainability and harm reduction of affected communities by way of a wide array of adaptation and resilience programs.  

To support such outcomes, NetHope plans to leverage the generosity and support of the corporate and philanthropic sectors to advance localization and collective impact, with increased grant giving and scaled innovations for our Member nonprofits.

In doing so, NetHope endeavors to help maintain a healthy planet and ensure the wellbeing of affected communities facing climate disasters on the local level.

Climate Strategy Framework | A landscape assessment of the NetHope Members on climate action
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