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The data challenge: NetHope and global Covid-19 vaccine distribution

A global Covid-19 vaccination program requires two key things. It requires richer nations not to hoard vaccines for their own people at the expense of our planet’s most marginalized communities – which is currently a giant threat. And it requires accurate and detailed data. Data which is not readily available.

February 25, 2021

This is where we believe NetHope and our unparalleled network of Members and partners can help.

Reliable and accessible community health and population data is crucial for judging vaccine demand and the logistics of vaccine supply. However, the data necessary for a global vaccination program to be effective is sorely lacking for the world’s most vulnerable, remote, and marginalized people, and for those already in dire humanitarian need (like the millions of people currently living as refugees). For them to be served equitably and to not prolong their suffering, data about their needs must be assembled, utilized, and made visible to nonprofits and government systems, so that these actors can in turn aggregate demand, purchase and deploy vaccines, and be held to account by their citizens and stakeholders. The resourcing challenge to vaccinate hard-to-reach people in a short time is already steep. Shared, accurate and widely available information that is derived from that data will reduce duplication of work in the ecosystem, enable efficiency, and stretch funding, nonprofit, and government resources as far as possible.

NetHope has already hosted one call to discuss how our community can help in the global effort to vaccinate two billion people by the end of 2021, delivering last-mile health to the world’s most vulnerable. We’re holding our second Member call next week, to dig deeper into ways our community can help overcome the data challenge and ensure equitable access to the vaccine for communities at risk of being missed.

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For more information about the upcoming NetHope Covid vaccine call and to find out how you can get involved, contact Jean-Louis Ecochard.

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