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Unlock 10x more impact: Discover NetHope’s IDEA Journey

Success looks different with every single journey.

August 4, 2021

NetHope’s IDEA Journey methodology has accelerated the missions of some of the world’s leading nonprofits. And now, in its new and improved format, it is even easier to get your executive team to see the value of this organization-transforming process.

How do you move from helping two million children living in extreme poverty, to helping 400 million?

How do you pivot your mission from providing banking services to low-income women to also providing them access to life-saving healthcare?

How do you improve vaccine innovation, make your grants management more efficient, or scale up the number of refugees you’re supporting 200-fold?

You start with an IDEA Journey.

With the support of Microsoft, sponsor of the IDEA Journey and a founding partner of NetHope’s Center for the Digital Nonprofit, we have updated the IDEA Journey’s online presence, making it easier to explore and unlock impact for your team and the people your organization serves. Head to to begin discovering the IDEA Journey now.

What is an IDEA Journey?

An IDEA Journey is a unique experience that will transform your thinking and deliver results. It will open a new dialogue between your executive team and program staff, equipping you to discover the best way to reach your desired destination. The IDEA Journey methodology works in four stages, enabling nonprofit organizations to design and create an innovative solution to one of the biggest challenges they face.

Throughout their IDEA Journeys, nonprofits are supported by NetHope and a certified IDEA Journey consulting partner to imagine, design and execute their idea – assessing the results and tweaking their solution so that it creates the biggest positive impact possible.

What's new?

The new (and beautiful!) NetHope IDEA Journey pages walk you through the whole IDEA Journey process and take you step by step to begin your IDEA Journey. They present the methodology in a way that will help enthuse all the key stakeholders in your organization that an IDEA Journey is well worth their investment. Are you ready to imagine a better solution to your big impact challenge?

Start here:

  1. Explore the IDEA Journey
  2. Discover the IDEA methodology
  3. Take the first step to solving your challenge

What does success look like?

IDEA Journeys are bespoke, evolving to fit the different NGOs who come to us and the challenges they face. Therefore, success looks different with every single journey. Explore the Dream Books of former IDEA Journey participants for an insight into what success looks like for them.

I was frankly a little sceptical that this exercise would be worth doing, but I could not have been more wrong. We really were able to see what is it that we need to do as an organization to be effective for the next ten years.

Mark Hetfield, HIAS CEO

Success story: HIAS, bridging digital divides

HIAS, a NetHope Member working to help refugees rebuild their lives, wanted to go on a journey of digital transformation so that their global offices and HQ staff could better connect, collaborate and impact. They had a dream to bridge the digital divides that separated their staff, partners, and stakeholders – creating an organization that worked seamlessly together across borders and skillsets.

Through their IDEA Journey, HIAS has achieved their dream of digital transformation. The whole of the organization is now connected as 'One HIAS' in an effective and efficient way, and their connectedness will enable them to carry out their life-transforming work with refugees more effectively.

What’s next?

Find out more about the IDEA Journey and what it could do for your organization by visiting

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