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Where Are They now?: Gael A. Chrispin Beauboeuf, from Haiti class Spring 2012

To the future NetHope Academy interns, I would tell them that there are a lot of opportunities in the ICT world.

March 30, 2012

As the conclusion of our "Where are they now?" blog series as well as in celebration of today's NetHope Academy graduation in Haiti, we would like to feature a story from one of our interns graduating as part of our second Haiti Academy class: Gael A. Chrispin Beauboeuf.

I am the system manager for T-cash, Voilà’s mobile money service. I manage issues, troubleshoot any problems that face our team and make requests for new features that we need. T-cash allows Voilà customers to use their phone as wallet to exchange money—whether that means transferring it to their friends and family or using it to pay for food with a cooperating merchant. God blessed me, I am the first intern from my NetHope Academy class to secure a full-time job.

For many of us, our career started with NetHope Academy. Through the program, I had the opportunity to be placed in an internship with the company I always wanted to work for—Voilà, a telecom company in Haiti that is owned by Trilogy International.

I began my internship in the project management office within Voilà because I love management. In the past I’ve often been a leader in associations; I was even the president of my class. I was so excited to work in the IT department of such a huge company, next to experienced IT professionals.

I wanted to make the most of my experience, so I asked my boss if there was any section that needed more support. Within one month, I was transferred to a busier department to help with the heaviest workloads. My time spent with the ServiceDesk team was rewarding because we were the first responders for all problems. It was a lot of hard work, but I learned a lot.

When I was interning with the ServiceDesk team, I saw a database administrator job with T-cash listed on Voilà’s internal website, and I applied for it. My friends said I did not have any chance, that Voilà would never call me and that I should keep working and learning as an intern, but I had already sent in my resume. In the interview I was able to use my skills from NetHope Academy to effectively communicate my experience in leadership, management and mobile money.  Three weeks later, I found out I was offered a job; but to be a system manger—the boss of the position I had applied for!

NetHope Academy helped to prepare me for my internship, and now for my job as system manager. It is a really great experience for any young graduate without work experience. I learned how to express myself in a professional way and, for instance, to correctly write an email. Voilà often uses email, and because of NetHope, I am able to correctly respond and to ask the right questions.

To the future NetHope Academy interns, I would tell them that there are a lot of opportunities in the ICT world. It is really a huge field with various components. In this world, you need to be enterprising and proactive. I would also suggest that they work hard every day as IT is a dynamic field, to be confident and to pass certification related to what they like the most. For my part, I see myself as a future IT project manager. So I am working on getting my PMP and ITILv3 exam.

I would like to thank God that He gave my parents the opportunities to take care of me. Secondly I want to thank NetHope for such an incredible program. I hope that by having qualified human resources, Haiti will develop faster, in a better way.

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