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Welcome to the Intermediate-Level Leadership Skills for a Digital Age Course 

Enhance your digital leadership with our Intermediate Course, diving deeper into vital areas for navigating today's landscape, building on our Foundational Course.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective leadership remains the cornerstone of impactful change within nonprofit organizations. At NetHope, we recognize the critical role that adept leadership plays in driving innovation and progress across humanitarian, emergency response, and environmental sectors. We are delighted to introduce our series of Intermediate Leadership Skills for a Digital Age Courses. Each course is designed as a standalone learning opportunity, allowing leaders like you to choose and engage with advanced strategies and tools necessary to excel in the digital era. 

Building upon the foundational knowledge acquired in our Leadership Skills for a Digital Age (LSDA) Foundational Course, the Intermediate Course offers a deeper dive into essential thematic areas vital for navigating the digital landscape with confidence and effectiveness.  Participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a series of six separate courses, each dedicated to delving deeper into the areas covered in the Foundational course. These dynamic learning experiences are meticulously crafted to provide actionable insights and strategies for implementation within your organization. 

Course Structure: 

  • Duration: 4-6 weeks 
  • Live Sessions: 3 sessions varying from 45 minutes to 90 minutes each 
  • Completion of the Foundational course (either the cohort or the asynchronous version) is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Intermediate Leadership Skills for a Digital Age Course. 
  • Learning Format:  
    • Practical learning, task-based discussion prompts, live sessions, and peer-to-peer exchange 
    • Real-world examples and insights from industry experts 
    • Engaging case studies and optional resources for deeper exploration 


Digital Safety and Responsibility - Available July 1, 2024 
This intermediate-level course expands on Module 2 of the LSDA Foundational Course curriculum, offering a comprehensive exploration of cybersecurity tailored for nonprofit organizations. Participants will receive a thorough refresher on LSDA content alongside an introduction to cyber threats facing nonprofits, emphasizing digital responsibility within the sector. Key topics include data protection ethics, global regulations, security and privacy by design methodologies, and human-centered design applied to cybersecurity. The course equips participants with tools for data protection implementation, insight into cyberattack anatomy, and strategies for incident management and business continuity planning. By course completion, attendees will adeptly navigate cyber threats, understand regulatory landscapes, apply ethical principles, employ cybersecurity frameworks, and engage stakeholders like nonprofit boards in safeguarding organizational resilience.

Creativity and Innovation - Available September 2, 2024 
This intermediate-level course, building upon Module 5 of the LSDA Foundational Course curriculum, emphasizes creative strategies essential for leading teams through adaptive change. The course will begin with a review of LSDA content and highlight the pivotal role of creativity and innovation within humanitarian, development, and conservation sectors. Participants will explore various creative approaches to foster innovative thinking, which is essential for addressing global challenges. The curriculum navigates through human-centered design processes, drawing from renowned methodologies such as IDEO and NetHope. Subsequently, participants explore design thinking and its practical tools like empathy mapping and the CAMPER technique. Finally, the course will shed light on systems thinking within conservation, development, and humanitarian realms, utilizing models such as the iceberg model. By the end of the course, participants will be able to effectively connect creativity and innovation to problem-solving, differentiate creative methodologies, and employ them effectively to lead change within their organizations.

Entrepreneurship - Available October 2, 2024 
This intermediate-level course, an extension of Module 6 in the LSDA Foundational Course curriculum, delves into entrepreneurial principles tailored for leadership roles. It empowers participants with the expertise to navigate adaptive and impactful change within their teams and organizations. Beginning with a review of LSDA content, the course underscores the significance of entrepreneurship in humanitarian, development, and conservation sectors, emphasizing diversity and inclusion's pivotal role in fostering innovative cultures. Participants explore key elements such as growth mindset and appreciative inquiry, pivotal in nurturing entrepreneurial spirits. The course further examines the nexus between digital transformation, innovation, and effective decision-making, providing tools to integrate digital solutions into programming. Through understanding the role of pilots and collaborative leadership in scalability and sustainability, participants hone their ability to foster innovation and entrepreneurial thinking within their organizations, ensuring long-term success in addressing complex challenges.

Technical Literacy - Available November 11, 2024 
Master fundamental technical concepts essential for effective leadership in the digital age. Gain insights into digital tools, platforms, and their strategic implications for organizational success. 

Highly Adaptive Collaboration - Available January 6, 2025 
Acquire skills and insights for fostering collaboration across diverse teams and environments. Explore innovative collaboration platforms and methodologies designed to bridge cultural, social, and geographic barriers for enhanced impact. 

Complex Problem Solving - Available March 3, 2025 
Develop advanced strategies for tackling multifaceted problems with confidence and efficacy. Explore the application of AI technologies and their potential in problem-solving while considering ethical considerations and risks. 

Continue your journey to becoming a digitally savvy leader equipped to drive positive change within your organization and beyond. Enroll now and take the next step toward mastering the essential skills for leadership in the digital age. Completion of the Foundational course (either the cohort or the asynchronous version) is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Intermediate Leadership Skills for a Digital Age Course. 

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