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Digital Skills Framework | Digital Responsibility

The Technical Literacy track offers several options for nonprofit learners depending on your needs or the needs of your organization

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Digital Responsibility is a broader way of operating in a safe and secure manner when online. Each individual leaves a digital footprint when online – and knowing how to tell if you are entering a secure site is important to your safety and the safety of beneficiaries. With the proliferation of so many online sites – both social sites and shared sites, it is critical that employees understand their own digital footprint. In the nonprofit sector, working with vulnerable populations means the safety and security of those individuals is a moral imperative. Employees need to identify secure sites, as well as weigh the benefits and risks of giving information across devices through software. Developing a positive online identity, and building a positive digital reputation in a safe manner, will lead to skills around Digital Responsibility.

Digital Proficiency

As part of the Digital Skills Framework, we offer the below information to help you with your journey to digital proficiency. Each category has three sections:

  • Read - Provides reading material on the topic.
  • Watch - Provides videos to watch on the skills topic.
  • Try - Provides more traditional hands-on learning.

Each of the learning items has a marker in the upper left corner. Grey is for basic getting started learning, blue is for the next step in building skills, and orange is for proficiency level learning.

We hope this helps you get started on your journey and we welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this a better place for digital skills. Is something missing that you would like to add? Use this form to propose new learning content for the Digital Skills Framework.


5 Insights about Digital Social Responsibility in Light of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

Published in April, 2018, explores the implications of personal identiy in the Digital Age.
AUTHOR: Jake Stanley, AWS Solutions Architect

The Unsettling Future of Facial Recognition

Focuses on the future of facial recognition and the potential - both positive and negative.
AUTHOR: Allen Murabayash


The Future of Facial Recognition

The impact of facial recognition and the implications for the future.

Data responsibility: using corporate data to improve our lives

Social responsibility around data. Includes examples of how data sharing can change outcomes for better results.
VIDEOGRAPHER: TEDx: Stefaan Verhulst


Learning Computer Security and Internet Safety

The basics about computer security and online safety.
AUTHOR: LinkedIn Learning
COST: See Pricing
LinkedIn Learning has a free 30 day trial and moves to a subscription model after that time.

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