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Digital Skills Framework | Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Technical Literacy track offers several options for nonprofit learners depending on your needs or the needs of your organization

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Entrepreneurial Spirit is part of the culture of an organization. It is the ability to challenge old ways of working and to try new ways – failing fast in a safe environment. Entrepreneurial Spirit is also an attitude – a feeling of ownership in the mission and the ability to look at old problems in new ways.

Digital Proficiency

As part of the Digital Skills Framework, we offer the below information to help you with your journey to digital proficiency. Each category has three sections:

  • Read - Provides reading material on the topic.
  • Watch - Provides videos to watch on the skills topic.
  • Try - Provides more traditional hands-on learning.

Each of the learning items has a marker in the upper left corner. Grey is for basic getting started learning, blue is for the next step in building skills, and orange is for proficiency level learning.

We hope this helps you get started on your journey and we welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this a better place for digital skills. Is something missing that you would like to add? Use this form to propose new learning content for the Digital Skills Framework.


Purpose and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Learn 7 characteristics of qualities entrepreneurial spirit.
AUTHOR: Brian Johnson

Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Change You

How an entrepreneurial mindset can help solve big problems. (12 minutes)
AUTHOR: TED Talk with Henrik Scheel


Developing a Learning Mindset

Developing a mindset for continual learning. Led by Gary Bolles, author and thought leader.
AUTHOR: LinkedIn Learning
COST: See Pricing
30 day free trial, with a subscription fee after that time.

Social Entrepreneurship

How to run a business with social impact.
AUTHOR: LinkedIn Learning
COST: See Pricing
30 day free trial, with a subscription fee after that time.


In the Heart of the Sea

A book about a whale, but mostly about the entrepreneurial spirit that kept a desparate crew alive for 90 days adrift on the ocean.
AUTHOR: Nathaniel Philbrick 
COST: See Pricing

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Understand the mindset of the entreprenuer and form a blueprint for thinking and acting in today's fast-paced environment.
AUTHOR: Rita Gunther McGrath & Ian MacMillan
COST: See Pricing

The Start-Up of You

The spirit of entrepreneurship and how to develop those skills to restart how you think about the work you are doing.
AUTHOR: Reed Hoffman & Ben Casnocha
COST: See Pricing

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